Marketing and Business Planning and Communication

Our solutions address your business problems. Every project is different. Our approach is to tailor your information to your business strategy.

Research your business problem or issue

Conduct surveys, audits, and focus groups

Interview individual employees, and/or customers

Facilitate groups of employees or customers

Find out what your target audience knows or wants to know about your products, services or procedures

We use audience research to design and map information to improve readability, interaction, and the user-effectiveness of each communication. We help you assess internal corporate communication strategy and create effective management and employee communication plans.

Improving employee effectiveness. Helping your employees do better in their daily communications with each other or with your customers is an important mission.

We teach custom-designed, interactive business writing seminars

We conduct workshops on such sensitive issues as customer relations, interpersonal communication, gender, and diversity.
We Write the fact filled information that is the lifeblood of your organization.

We train your front line employees to provide exceptional customer service and obtain valuable marketing research while solving customer problems or listening to customer comments.


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