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If you have an employee benefit, personnel policy, sales or service contract, management decision, business process, product, service, corporate message, or document you want people to understand,

you need us...

Save your time, effort, and money by letting our professionals help you research, analyze, plan, write, design, produce, and communicate your business information.

Summary Plan Descriptions

(Employee Benefit Booklets)

Are your company's Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) up to date? Do they meet current rules as updated by recent Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) requirements and other federal legislation?

These plan summaries must describe an employee's rights and obligations under his or her benefit plan in a fair and unbiased manner. Do yours? Are they written clearly, concisely, and accurately?

Labor Department regulations dictate when the SPD must be distributed, exactly what information must be contained in it, how the text should be designed, and the penalties for not complying with the regulations.

**See our Guide to Preparing the Summary Plan Description for what must be disclosed in your employee benefit booklets.**

Don't just comply with these ERISA requirements for disclosure, turn disclosure into communication!!

©R.H. Wohl & Associates/In Plain English® is a management consulting firm specializing in communicating and improving the flow of factual information. For more than 22 years, we have assisted clients of every size and type publish clear, user-oriented information, and improve their business procedures, employee communication and customer response.

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