Human Resource Policy and Procedure In Plain English®

Human resource policy and procedure is the fabric governing your business' relationship with your employees.

Through these policies and procedures, employees know:

Human resource policy and procedure is also a collection of your specific responses to federal, state, and local laws dealing with employment issues. Many of these laws govern exactly what the business's response must be, while others merely provide guidelines.

How these policies and procedures are presented to employees is a serious matter. How you say what you mean to say can be the difference between an implied contract and the preservation of the company's right to employ at will.

Good human resource policies and procedures result from a combination
of expert editorial skills, wide human resource experience, sound legal advice, and
"common sense."

In Plain English® specializes in the development of human resource policy and employee benefit communication. In Plain English® understands the importance of communicating factual information to targeted audiences. In Plain English® understands human resource policy and procedure, employee logic, and how to make information readable.

In addition to the In Plain English® human resource consulting team, In Plain English® has an advisory network of human resource directors who answer human resource policy questions and help develop new policy statements. In Plain English® also has an extensive data base of policy statements to meet most human resource needs and to control consulting costs.


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