Employee Handbook
Audit of Policies and Procedures

Policy Audit and Review

In Plain English® examines your policy statements to see what needs to be revised or eliminated, what must be added, and even what might be better left unwritten.

Our human resource consultants will audit and review your policies. Using our experience and understanding of the many laws governing this complex field, In Plain English® will see if you are making promises you may not be able to keep or using language that may create a contract or employment-at-will situation or other problem. In Plain English® does not practice law and we cannot defend you in court. But, In Plain English® will work with you and your counsel to correctly communicate issues, rules, and procedures with which you are concerned. Our unique documentation system facilitates this review process.

The In Plain English® Audit and Review reports on:

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the Human Resource policy and procedure information in your handbook
the policies and procedures that appear to be in compliance with current laws
the policies and procedures that may not be in compliance with current laws
legally mandated policies and procedures that are missing
how consistent your policies and procedures are with your company's vision, mission, goals, and objectives
policies or procedures that are desirable or suggested because of the nature of your business
the language in which your policies and procedures are written and whether what you say is what the policy implies
whether your handbook language is clear, uniform, and readily understandable
whether your language creates a contract or promise you don’t want to make


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