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1. Do you maintain a library of all you benefit provider contracts, policies and other documents?
Yes No

2. Do you maintain a list of all benefits provided under each employee benefit plan in effect at your organization?
Yes No

3. How many HMO's do your employees participate in?

4. Will your HMO or Managed Care Plan write your summary Plan Description?
Yes No

5. Tell us about yourself?

5. What is your position in your company?

6. Are you responsible for employee benefit communications? Check all that apply.
Creation of Message
Production of artwork and language
Production of finished product
Do you use outside vendors to prepare or produce your benefit    communications

7. Will your SPD's be online?
Yes No

8. How many employees are covered by your plan?

9. What is the average salary in your company?

10. How much do you budget for all employee benefit communications?

11. How much do you budget for writing Summary Plan Descriptions?

12. Who writes your Summary Plan Description?
I do
Someone else in the company
Outside the company
Outside lawyer
Outside Consultant
Someone else outside the company
Third party administrator
Benefits provider
I don't know


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